About Click Media

Click Media is Google AdWords management service for small and medium-size businesses, with a track record of managing profitable AdWords accounts.

Click Media is different from most Google AdWords agencies because we focus on the two numbers that really matter:

  1. How much you pay for clicks and fees;
  2. How much extra profit you make as a result.

Based on those two numbers, we make sure every AdWords campaign is truly profitable. We don’t just produce fancy reports to pull the wool over your eyes. That’s why our clients love us. And you will too.

Chris Mole

Founder of Click Media

Chris Mole

Chris Mole began using Google AdWords in 2008 to advertise his web design agency. Thus he learned AdWords by putting his own credit card on the line – the fastest way to become AdWords savvy.

Thanks to AdWords, Chris doubled the turnover of his web agency within six months. He discovered how AdWords, combined with an effective website, could transform the fortunes of a business.

For almost three years, Chris honed his AdWords skills on his own business before taking on his first AdWords client in 2011. Since then has built a successful track record helping small and medium-size businesses to run profitable AdWords campaigns.

Chris’s main strengths are writing ads that get a high click-through rate and creating landing pages that get visitors to take action.

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